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IMPORTANT: Ensure you read and understand the Terms and Conditions before placing an order on this website

Placing Orders
We have attempted to make the placing of orders as easy as possible, but if you have difficulty with any of the steps involved check these help pages, or email us for help:

• Locate an item to purchase using our search or browse facilities.

• Click on the "Add to cart" button.

• Continue to add more items as desired.

• When you are ready to place your order, click on the "View Cart" link (top left of page).

• Check and edit the contents of your cart as required then click on the "Secure Checkout" button.

• Login to your customer account, or create a new customer account if you don't already have one. (If you create a new account, you may need to click on the "View Cart" again and proceed from there once you have set up your new account).

• Complete delivery address details for your order.

• Complete payment details. We accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards, PayPal payments and JB Hifi gift cards. We do not accept payment by cheque or direct credit at this time.

• Done!

Once your order has been accepted, you will receive an order confirmation via email. Please check this confirmation carefully and inform us of any mistakes as soon as possible. If you wish to cancel an order, you must inform us before 9.00am the next business day.

**PLEASE NOTE: rather than charging you for purchases when you place your order, the JB Hi-Fi Online website places a temporary hold on credit card funds, which automatically expires after 5 business days. Your credit card will only be debited when your order is ready to dispatch. If your items are ordered well in advance of release and PayPal is being used, the funds may be on hold for up to 100 days.

The JB Hi-Fi website does not hold a large amount of CD / DVD / game stock on-hand - therefore some ordered items are provided by suppliers on demand. The stated availability of an item takes into account the time taken to receive the item from the supplier. On occasion, suppliers are unable to fulfil your order. Should this occur, we will inform you as soon as possible. For consumer electronics orders, items are sourced from our supply stores across the country. We will inform you as soon as possible of any significant supply delays or problems with deleted items.

Dispatching Orders

Once ordered items are received from suppliers and your order is ready to dispatch, we will process the purchase on your credit card/PayPal/gift card, then pack and dispatch your order.
CD / DVD / Games Orders 

New Zealand deliveries are sent via NZ Post or courier. Some large orders will need to be signed for by the recipient and tracking information will be available. All international orders are sent by Airmail. Refer to our shipping and delivery help pages for more information on international orders.
Consumer Electronics Orders

All New Zealand deliveries are shipped by national courier services. They will need to be signed for by the recipient and tracking information will be available.

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If you want to purchase an item, you need to add that item to your cart before going through the secure check out process.

To add an item to your cart:
  •    • Locate the item by using our search or browse facilities
  •    • Click on an item to view its details
  •    • Click on the "Add to cart" button
    If you experience difficulties, ensure that your web browser will accept cookies - our website makes extensive use of cookies. Check your browser documentation for more information.

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All pre-order items on our site are available to order now. Please note that we now allow functionality so that you CAN order a pre-order item with an item already released on the same order. We will split your order so the pre-ordered item becomes its own order and the rest of the items ship when they are available.

As freight is charged by weight, the freight costs will be split across your pre-order item and the balance of your order. Therefore it may appear that you have been charged a higher freight for the pre-order item than you should, however, once the balance of the order is shipped it will even out to the correct freight across ALL items on the order.

Please note that “Pre-Order” does NOT imply that you will receive the item earlier than the official release date. If we have authorisation, we will always endeavour to ship your goods prior to release date so you will receive them as close to release date as possible. However, sometimes embargoes are placed on items meaning that we cannot ship them before the official release date. Please remember to include the standard mail delivery times when estimating when you will receive your Pre-Ordered item.

Pre-order items can also be added to your wish list.

All our normal Terms & Conditions apply for pre-orders.



We will always endeavour to keep at the forefront of technology and add the details of upcoming CE items to our website. These items can be Pre-Ordered, but please remember that they cannot ship until stock arrives in the country and this can be difficult to estimate accurately at times. Manufacturing and sea freight delays can and do occur and these are out of our control. We will keep Pre-Order customers updated on their items as regularly as possible.

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If you want to remove an item that you have placed in your cart:
  •    • Ensure you are in your cart - click on the "View Cart" link (top left of page)
  •    • Locate the item you want to remove
  •    • Click on the "REMOVE" link at the end of the item's row
The item will be removed from the cart, and the cart value will be automatically recalculated.

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By default, the quantity of an item added to a cart is 1 - to purchase multiple copies of any item already in your cart:
  •    • Ensure you are in your cart - click on the "View Cart" link (top left of page)
  •    • Locate the item whose quantity you want to modify
  •    • Enter the number of copies you require in the QTY field.
  •    • Click on the "Recalculate quantities" button.
  • The cart will recalculate the quantities and cart value to reflect your changes. Setting the quantity to "0" will remove the item from your cart. You can change the quantities up and down, as required - the cart will automatically adjust to reflect any changes.

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CD / DVD / Games Orders
Delivery costs are dependent on what the items are and where the order is to be delivered. You can receive delivery cost estimation in the Cart - just select the country to which the order will be delivered from the dropdown list and an estimated delivery cost will be calculated. Shipping costs for orders can be viewed here. Deliveries within New Zealand are sent via NZ Post or courier. Deliveries outside of New Zealand are sent via Airmail.

Consumer Electronics Orders

Delivery costs are dependent on the size of the items and where they are being delivered to. Orders are delivered by national courier services and delivery cost estimations are available in the shopping cart. For large items such as televisions over 40”,  door-to-door services will be used for metropolitan areas. CE orders cannot be delivered overseas at the present time, although we hope to introduce this in the future.

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We currently accept payment by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) and PayPal. JB Hi-Fi uses industry standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and encryption technology to ensure any sensitive information passing over the internet during transactions is secure.

JB Hi-Fi Online does not finalise the charge to your credit card or PayPal account at the time your order is placed. We only charge you once the items in your order are allocated and the order is being prepared to ship. In the meantime, your funds are put on hold through your bank but do not attract interest until the transaction is made. Checking your bank statement or PayPal account online will show this money being placed ‘on hold’, but unless there is a reference number attached to it, the money has not actually been debited to your account. If, for whatever reason, your order is cancelled / unable to be delivered, your bank will free up the pending transaction funds. This may take up to 5 working days (please check with your bank if you need confirmation on how many days as this varies from bank to bank).

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Refer to our Terms & Conditions regarding responsibility for unavailable items or cancelled orders.

JB Hi-Fi Online does not hold a large amount of CD / DVD and Games stock - some product is ordered from the supplier on demand. From time to time suppliers will inform us that they are no longer able to supply an ordered item. Should this occur, you will be informed as soon as possible via email, and the item will be removed from your order. Order will be voided if they contain only deleted items, and customers informed as soon as possible via email. No refund is required as payment is not processed until items are ready to dispatch.

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CD / DVD / Game Orders

JB Hi-Fi Online does not hold a large amount of CD / DVD and Games stock . Some product is ordered from the supplier on demand. In general, all product on this website is usually available from suppliers within the time indicated with the title details.

From time to time suppliers are not able to supply in the time indicated, and items are placed on backorder. If it appears that your order will not be dispatched on time, you will be informed as soon as possible. You will be offered the opportunity to cancel your order at that time, otherwise your order will be dispatched as soon as the items are available.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide expected dispatch times for backordered items, though items will be sourced and dispatched as soon as possible. If you have a backordered item and wish to cancel your order, please email us with your order number and cancellation request.

Consumer Electronics Orders

For consumer electronics orders, items are sourced from supplier stores across New Zealand and availability will be indicated on our website. Sometimes, items may be in-stock in some states but not others and we will indicate this where possible.  For out of stock items, they will be back ordered and we will endeavour to give customers an ETA before we finalise their order. Please note that ETAs are based on manufacturer shipping times and can be subject to change.

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CD / DVD / Game Orders

We only ship orders when all items on the order are available to dispatch.

For example, item A is expected to ship in 2 business days, and item B on the same order usually ships in 10 business days. This order will be shipped when both item A and B are ready to ship, and is estimated to be around 10 business days.
Customers can choose to split their orders so available stock ships immediately. They will need to send this request via email and extra delivery fees may apply.

Occasionally, JB Hifi may elect to split customer orders to free up warehouse space. Customers will be advised of the split item dispatch via email. In these cases, any extra delivery fees will be covered by JB Hifi.

Consumer Electronics Orders
Consumer electronics orders are only authorised to ship when all items are available. Occasionally where goods are supplied from more than one supplier, the order may be split and shipped separately. In these cases, JB Hifi will cover any extra delivery costs.

Combined CD / DVD / Game and CE Orders
Combined orders will automatically be split into two or more shipments. CD / DVD / game items will ship via NZ Post from our warehouse and the consumer electronics items will ship via national courier services.


You can view your order history, status, and tax invoice for any orders by clicking on the "Order History" link at the top left hand side of any page on our site. You will be redirected to login if you are not already. Once logged in, a list of all your current and previous orders will be listed. Click on an order to see the individual order details.



CD / DVD / Game Titles

While JB Hi-Fi stores carry large inventories to provide customers with a wide selection, it is not practical to hold copies of all the items available on this website.
If you prefer to purchase a product in-store, please call the store first to establish whether the item is available. If not, it is likely the store will be able to Special Order the item for you. Store contact details are available here.

Consumer Electronics Items

Nearly all items seen on our website will be available at JB Hifi stores. Sometimes JB Hifi Online will offer exclusive items that will ship direct from the supplier and will not be available in stores. If you are looking to buy CE items in-store, again we recommend that you call the store ahead of your visit to confirm availability.



CD / DVD / Game Titles

Wherever possible, prices in store and on the website will be the same. However, price variations between the website and stores, and between stores themselves, will occur when different suppliers are used for the same item, or when import titles are purchased at different times. Exchange rate movements have can impact on the price of products that JB Hi-Fi import. Stores and / or the website buying titles in bulk when on sale from our suppliers can cause price differences as this stock is sold through at the cheaper price with the savings passed on to you - stores and / or the website may sell out faster than each other and cause a temporary price variation.

Consumer Electronics Items

Prices of CE items should match JB Hifi stores at all times. Occasionally there may be a time lapse between store prices synching with our online database and vice versa. Please drop us an email if you’ve seen any price difference between our online store and a bricks’n’mortar JB Hifi store. We will always try and match the price for you.



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